Rupert North

Rupert North

Vancouver, Canada

Rental Apartments

72,698 SF - 6 story; 90 units

Redic Developments

Full architectural design services

The proposed project is a 6-story residential building with 90 rental homes located at the north side of Rupert Street within the Lynn Creek Town Centre of the District of North Vancouver. Surrounding the site are existing single-family houses to the east, and Rupert Street to the south.

This building is made up of three major elements: two “bookend blocks”, one position along Rupert Street and another parallel to it along the north property line. They are connected by a recessed plane of penthouse sloped roof “hat” carried down from the eve line to the ground level. The entire building mass is visually lifted one floor, with a 5’ recess at the ground level. The main building entrance is signaled by an angled frame extending up to the 6th floor.

The massing composition is further emphasized by the facade finishes and colors. While the “bookends” are grey with wood recesses, the sloped-roof penthouse is clad with materials similar in color and texture to weathered (Corten) steel. The “corten” material is carried down to the ground to emphasize separation between the two bookends.

The 6th floor is stepped back, allowing for larger decks as well as an outdoor amenity at the north-east corner of the building.

The building is cantilevered over a portion of parkade ramp with extended deck completing the top enclosure to minimize ramp exposure.

Rupert North